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At the beginning of 2011, we were thrilled to be able to announce a spectacular art and garden event which was to take place during the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch in March. Unfortunately, the February earthquake put paid to those initial plans for the ABSee Art and Garden event.... read more

The DFNZ fundraising event, designed to showcase the work of 26 local Canterbury artists in a unique exhibition of alphabet artworks, accompanied by a coffee table book, was intended to be held in the grounds of our historic villa on Worcester Boulevard. The event was also intended to mark the first public unveiling of the superlative, award-winning new contemplative garden at the back the villa.


In our February update email we had advised that we hoped the historic villa could be rebuilt in time to hold the event later in the year. However, the damage sustained has been far worse than initially thought, and the ongoing challenges of rebuilding the city mean that we have been unable to achieve any certainty around securing an alternative venue. Regrettably, this means we have had to cancel this event, which was to be a key fundraising focus for the year.  


We would like to thank you for your patience over the last few months as we repeatedly tried to find ways to make this event happen. However we do have some good news with our beautiful limited edition coffee table book still available for purchase, with all proceeds going to DFNZ.


Even better, we are now able to offer this at an exclusive online price of just $50.00, plus packing and postage.This is an incredible offer at half the original sale price – reflecting the fact it is no longer part of the wider event package. What's more, for everybook sold online, the Cookie Time Charitable Trust (DFNZ's primary sponsor) will donate $10 to the learning support department of the school of your choice. What a great way to make a real difference to your local school – and at the same time receive a lasting tribute to true New Zealand creativity.


The ABSee book is a superb quality publication, commemorating 26 original New Zealand artworks produced to showcase creativity and different ways of seeing the world.  Like the dyslexic mind, which turns thoughts into pictures rather than words, this ABSee book takes the traditional ABC and brings letters to life through pictures. Thus offering a visual reading of the building blocks of language, where letter and image are equally valid.


The brainchild of Canterbury artist Tracey Tishrei, this large-scale full-colour book is beautifully presented over 76 pages and eminently collectible, with works from respected artists including Tony Cribb, Rua Pick, Stephanie Crisp, Sheila Brown, Rebecca Herring, Karin Lange and Jenny Cooper.


For those of you who have already ordered this beautiful book, we will of course refund the difference in purchase price.  For those of you who had booked for the ABSee event, naturally we will be refunding your ticket purchase– though please do consider taking this marvelous opportunity to purchase the book instead, at the special online price! Please also pass this offer to your friends and family – we have limited copies of the book so it will be first in, first served!


Once again we would like to thank you for your patience over the last few months. We of course remain hopeful that the DFNZ historic villa can be restored to its former glory overtime, and that those of you who are based in Christchurch will be able to visit the villa's award-winning contemplative garden in the future.


Many thanks for your ongoing support


The Trustees


Secure your Limited Edition Book today!

AB See - An alphabet in pictures
Limited Edition Coffee Table Book

In this beautifully presented coffee table book the ABC becomes the ABSee. It uniquely showcases creativity and validates alternative ways of seeing the world.

For dyslexic children, many of whom are highly creative but struggle to express themselves in a written-word-based paradigm, this sort of support and endorsement can make the world of difference in building self-esteem and success.

The 26 artists (alphabetical order) involved are: Carolina Babot; Bedina Brinkman; Sheila Brown; Maxine Burney; Jenny Cooper; Tony Cribb; Stephanie Crisp; Paulette Double; Beverley Frost; Rebecca Herring; Lynden Jackson; Victoria Jones; Karin Lange; Beverly Lundell; Mary-Jane McCulloch; Lucy Mhoma; Kim Morgan; Rua Pick; Robyn Rhode; Chryssie Russell; Paula Smulders; Wendy Timpson; Tracey Tishrei; Edith Van Haandel; Jaine Zylstra; Lynne Zylstra.

Print Run: 1000 copies, all numbered.

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