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Dyslexic students’ brains work differently. They generally prefer, and feel more comfortable, working visually - and are big picture / concept driven. The acquisition of basic skills like reading and spelling uses a different part of the brain and therefore provides an unexpected difficulty for both student and teacher.

This is the reality for at least 70,000 students in New Zealand schools.

This difficulty will become a major learning barrier unless teachers take the right approach and provide the necessary support. When teachers take steps to remove stress, and are empathetic, students become ready to engage in learning challenges - and success can be achieved. If they don't, students "shut down", learning stops, and behaviour changes - which creates much bigger issues for all.

Irrespective of age, great teaching starts by creating classroom comfort for the student.

Creating comfort is made easy, when dyslexia is understood by teachers as a preferred way of learning - rather than a difficulty that they have not been trained to deal with. As a learning preference, teachers are empowered to explore with their dyslexic students changes that create a comfortable learning environment. When a student feels genuinely included and acknowledged they are ready to be challenged, and grow.

It’s not rocket science!


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