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Dyslexic students have a set of simple legal rights that are easy to understand.

Leading educationalists, experts, and great teachers all agree that best practice in the classroom delivers these rights, and in fact helps all students learning. Unfortunately, best practice is not yet common practice and that's not good enough. Together we can change this, and must. Knowledge is power, and advocacy is the tool for change.

Whilst the education system does not recognise and respond automatically to these rights, dyslexic students will require strong advocacy by parents and others who wish to see these students succeed and reach their potential. Until this happens, schools are a battlefield and parents the advocacy army. Parents must, on a daily basis, demand that rights are recognised and dyslexic students are given a genuine opportunity to succeed.

The good news is, that when dyslexic students are given appropriate learning experiences, they become confident, and success follows naturally. They begin to understand themselves, take ownership of their way of thinking, and appreciate what their true potential is. This in turn, allows students to advocate for their own needs and rights which sets them up for success beyond the classroom.

It’s not rocket science!


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